A Ballot Initiative for the
November 2020 California Statewide Election

Meet the iCAT Founders

Norma Jean Almodovar

Norma Jean Almodovar a longtime sex worker rights activist who was once a household name across America. Norma Jean was a traffic officer who became a sex worker, authoring a book called ‘Cop to Call Girl’ which exposed corruption at the Los Angeles Police Dept.  She was summarily arrested on pandering charges that were so egregious the CBS news show ’60 Minutes’ featured her twice. Despite the massive public outcries, Norma Jean was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. In 1986 she ran for Lieutenant Governor on the Libertarian ticket. For the past three decades Norma Jean has dedicated her life to the sex worker rights movement, doing groundbreaking statistical research that continues to expose corruption in both law enforcement and in the ‘sex abolitionist’ movement. Norma Jean has participated in conferences across the US and worldwide, including the UN 4th World Women’s Conference in Beijing.

Jerald Mosley

Jerald Mosley is a former Supervising Deputy Attorney General, Calif. Dept of Justice. Prior to retirement in 2014, Mosley served for 18 years in the employment section, where he managed trials and appeals in state and federal courts, dealing with constitutional issues such as privacy, discrimination, disability and free speech. Since retiring, the UCLA law grad, who also holds a PhD in Philosophy from UC Davis, has researched, written and spoken on the topic of sex work and constitutional privacy. He has appeared before the California legislature and offered legal commentary on sex work and the law for ReasonTV.  His writings have appeared in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher, the Los Angeles Lawyer, and California’s Daily Journal. His study of sex work clients will appear in the forthcoming International Handbook of Sex Industry Research. 

John Stagliano

John Stagliano is considered a legend of the adult film industry. As a young economics major at UCLA in the 1970’s, Stagliano planned to get his PhD and become a professor. He was also interested in dance and ended up touring with a brand new male revue called Chippendales. At age 30 the burgeoning LA porn biz caught his interest, and Stagliano proceeded to parlay an $8,000 movie investment of into one of the industry’s most successful film studios, Evil Angel, which he still owns. Stagliano is also known for his outspoken activism in support of free speech and libertarian causes nationwide

Kerry Welsh

Kerry Welsh is a retired entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist. Welsh’s interest in political activism began after reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’ as a teen. Welsh started his career as a journalist, then switched to writing ads, eventually running his own agency. At age 27 he moved to South Africa to become an activist in the anti-apartheid movement, where he worked with the news media, government officials, and black liberation leaders such as Winnie Mandela. After returning to LA Welsh  developed real estate and later became an inventor. Two of his products found international success, and in 2013 Welsh retired to focus on travel and philanthropy. He is a donor to many liberty groups and is a longtime Trustee of the REASON Foundation.