A Ballot Initiative for the
November 2020 California Statewide Election

Our Mission Statement

Forced Sex Trafficking Remains Among the Great Crimes Against Humanity.

The horrifying image of a woman or child being forced into prostitution rightfully triggers our outrage. 

Unfortunately California has outdated laws that hamper law enforcement from fully prioritizing the rescue of minors and sex workers from coercive environments.

One particular statute--Penal Code 647(b)-- is a 19th century relic with antiquated views on women and was also used in efforts to criminalize gay sex. The code’s intent is to punish any adult who chooses to have consensual sex in exchange for anything of value--without regard to whether abuse or force was involved. Even offering a nice dinner or weekend getaway for sex can be a serious crime.

ICAT’s ballot proposition would allow authorities to focus precious tax resources on bringing traffickers to justice while sparing peaceful adults from a life-ruining criminal conviction.

Leading democracies worldwide have implemented such policies with stellar results. Sex work was decriminalized  in New Zealand in 2003 and trafficking remains almost non-existent. It has also been decriminalized or legalized in such well-ordered, safety-conscious democracies as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Japan, Singapore and Australian states.

Not surprisingly, nations that imprison sex workers are also the worst human rights abusers-- North Korea, China, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia—plus sadly the US.

America must join with the enlightened nations that have decriminalized sex work while fighting trafficking. And with your help California can lead the way--support iCAT!

The Proposed Statute Language

COMING SOON: Read the many improvements that our proposition would make to Calif. Penal Code 657(b).

Prominent Supporters of Sex Work Decriminalization in the US & Worldwide

They include Amnesty International, the WHO (World Health Organization), Human Rights Watch, UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS) plus many more.


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